hi i’m carlton!!

— an angelina jolie in a jennifer aniston world —

i’m 21, pisces, 6’0

i don’t really have any hobbies but i’m a senior in college and i love sleeping and going on runs and doing craftsy things i guess

i’m honestly so out of touch with people my own age, i don’t have a facebook or twitter or instagram, i’m only on this site for the pictures of celebrities

i’m really obsessed with young hollywood pop culture from like 2003-2007

my favorite movies are all those glossy scandalous teen flicks from the late 90s and anything that my faves are in (you’ll see really quickly who they are cuz that’s like all i bother to reblog ever)

my favorite shows:

  • the simple life
  • sons of anarchy
  • the oc
  • friday night lights
  • married with children
  • spongebob
  • lost
  • batman & x-men the animated series
  • futurama
  • it’s always sunny
  • real housewives
  • parks & rec
  • orange is the new black
  • magic city
  • fat actress
  • newlyweds
  • so notorious
  • ahs
  • every trashy reality show from like 2004-2009

i love pop music -a gay

i follow tennis religiously

my biggest pet peeves are probably being interrupted and when people act like i have nothing better to do with my time than focus on them and absolutely anything that involves babies or children

animals are more important to me than people specifically cats dogs and bunnies

i would eat breakfast food for every meal if i could but if i’m not eating that i’m enjoying chicken

if i could have any superpower it would probably be like shapeshifting

katey sagal and harrison ford are my parents

oh and if you prefer the christopher nolan batman series to the burton/schumacher one then please don’t follow me lol